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In order to maximize the life of your parking lots, roads or sport courts, you must maintain them. Asphalt coatings are not just for appearance but help to block the elements that seek to destroy the asphalt in the first place. Air, sunlight & moisture along with gas & oil deteriorate these surfaces over time. But a properly maintained parking lot, road or sport court will last years longer than a neglected or ignored one, and will cost less in the long run.

Studies by several goverment agencies, validated by the Army Corps of Engineers and American Public Works Association, have shown that pavements not properly maintained for fifteen years will cost five times more to maintain than pavements continually maintained over the same period.

USDOT FHA Pub. No. FHWA-SA-96-07 has proven that the timely maintenance of your asphalt pavement can be four to five times more cost effective than reconstruction.

According to the Asphalt Institute research, if one does not seal, fine hairline cracks appear in the pavement surface and this is the start of a maintenance problem. By sealing these surfaces, the life of the pavement is extended. If one seals immediately, (providing other variables that lead to pavement failure do not come into play) you should be able to extend the pavement life almost indefinitely.

Central Asphalt Sealcoating has been helping area businesses protect their parking lot investments for over 22 years by providing expert pavement maintenance services. We specialize in all areas of parking lot maintenance including squeegee & spray application sealcoating, new line layout & re-striping including ADA handicap striping, full depth asphalt repairs, asphalt paving, hot melt & cold pour crack filling, concrete curb & sidewalk repairs, and tennis & basketball court resurfacing.

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