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Owners Greg and Tammy have been running CAS since 1987:

Our mission is to provide superior quality pavement products and services to area businesses at competitive prices.
We do this by offering a complete line of products and services to meet your exact needs.

Jennite - The Ultimate Pavement Sealer
Tarconite & PaveShield Conventional Pavement Sealers
SunShield Solar Reflective Coating for Pavement
Asphalt Paving, Patching & Full Depth Asphalt Repairs
Line Striping, New Line Layout & Pavement Marking
Speed Bumps & Parking/Car Stops
Concrete Curb & Sidewalk Repairs
Concrete Parking Area Maintenance
Sign & Bollard Installation
Crack Filling - Hot Melt & Cold Pour
Tennis Court and Basketball Court Resurfacing

Central Asphalt Sealcoating uses Neyra products in our application process.
We are the original certified Jennite applicator for the Central Florida area.

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