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The original sealcoating material whose origin goes back to 1938. In that time, it has not been equaled or surpassed. Jennite will typically outlast other sealers by more than two to one. Jennite comes with a two year or three year dual warranty from the manfacturer and applicator. Central Asphalt Sealcoating is the original Certified Jennite applicator for the Central Florida area. (www.neyra.com/Jennite.htm)

A refined coal tar emulsion that meets Federal Government Specification R-P-355E (GSA-FSS). It has been the industry standard for sealcoating parking lots and roads for over 30 years. (www.neyra.com/Tarconite.htm)

A modified asphalt emulsion designed to protect and preserve your asphalt pavement. It is a low VOC, environmentally friendly sealer which does not emit any obnoxious odors or fumes. PaveShield does not track or stain tile floors. (www.neyrs.com/PaveShield.htm)

A solar reflective coating formulatred to meet LEED "High Albedo Coatings" solar reflective requirements. SunShield is LEED green building compliant and meets the LEED requirement for Sustainable Sites (SS) Credit 7.1: Heat Island Effect - Non-Roof, Option 1. SunShield reduces heat obsortion while providing maximum protection with no PAHs and very low VOCs. The standard color is LEED gray. (www.neyra.com/SunShield.htm)


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