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Cracks in a parking lot if left unattended can let water undermine the stability of the base eventually leading to more costly repairs such as base failure and pot holes. Crack filling can help keep water from getting under the asphalt and weakening the base leading to these types of failures.

Hot melt crack filling involves cleaning the cracks either with a high pressure blower and steel bristle broom or a high temp/high pressure heat lance. The cracks can then be filled either with a cold pour asphalt emulsion or an acrylic crack filler, or a hot melt rubberized crack filler. The hot melt crack filler will fill the crack and adhere to the asphalt better than eother of the cold pour methods. Crack filling is also neccesary prior to an asphalt overlay in order to keep the existing cracks from reflecting through. Central Asphalt Sealcoating uses Neyra hot melt PLS (Parking Lot Sealant) crack fill material.

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